From Carla, Anna Laura’s Mother:

Hi, I’m Carla,  Anna Laura’s mother.  Anna Laura is also affectionately called Laurinha ❤️.  We are from São Paulo, Brazil. Thank you for welcoming us.  It’s great to meet families and angels who are with us in the same battle. ❤️ Laurinha was diagnosed at 1 years and 7 months, but at 8 months we noticed delays.  At one year old, she had her first seizure. The investigations began after an ophthalmological examination.  I was desperate.  A cherry red spot was one of the first signs.  Further testing yielded a diagnosis of GM1 Gangliosidosis.  We live one day at a time with the hope of a possible cure and treatment .  This is my Princess Laurinha.

Anna Laura passed away in May 2019.