Liability: In no event shall Cure GM1 be liable for any cost or expense incurred by any person (including accompanying family members or colleagues). Every effort will be made to conduct this conference according to the schedule and dates posted. However unlikely, unforeseen circumstances may result in schedule changes or conference cancellation Registrants will be notifed by email of major changes or cancellations.

Conference registration fees: All fees cover expenses for the technology needed to enable a virtual conference experience. It will not provide for the cost of T-Shirts or any other personal experience expenses. All conference registration payments must be received prior to the conference.

Refund, Substitution and Cancellation policy: All cancellations received by Cure GM1 14 days prior to the event date are entitled to a refund. No refunds will be given to registrants who cancel after 14 days prior to the event date or who failed to attend the event (no show). Substitutions or transferred registrations for paid registrants may be made at any time in writing to Cure GM1. Please contact if you need to substitute or transfer a registration.

Delegate Registration: If a person is registering on behalf of a delegate(s), it is the responsibility of that person to notify the delegate of the terms and conditions of registering, for which they will be agreeing to on behalf of the delegate. Responsibility also includes providing them with full details of the registration details as confirmed.

Media Consent: You understand and agree that this event will be videotaped, audiotaped and/or photographed, and that your image/likeness/voice may appear in photos/video/audio taken during the event. By registering for this event, you hereby consent to any use, reproduction or publication of any photos/video/audio (or excerpts thereof) containing your image/likeness/voice by or on behalf of Cure GM1 Foundation (and its representatives) for any promotional, educational or general purposes related to Cure GM1 Foundation’s mission, including in websites, social media or other means. You hereby waive all rights to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with such use, copying or publication, as well as any right to inspect or approve any photo, video, or audio recording taken by or on behalf of Cure GM1 Foundation (or its representatives), and you acknowledge and agree that neither Cure GM1 Foundation (nor its representatives) will have any obligation to seek further permission nor notify you before making use of such media or any excerpts of such media.

Medical: Please always consult your physicians regarding medical decisions. The Cure GM1 Foundation does not prescribe medications or treatments and we can not specifically endorse a treatment which is not FDA-approved. This information is being shared for informational  purposes for you to discuss with your doctors.

Video Rooms: Please note video rooms are not a confidential platform and is not HIPAA compliant. Any disclosure of personal information may be revealed to others in the group, including those not logged into the program. We expect everyone to respect the confidentiality of who attends and what is shared. By choosing to attend the meeting, you are consenting to participation.

Childcare: I, the parent/guardian, hereby represent that I am 18 years or older and that I am authorized to grant permission on behalf of the participant(s) under my guardianship. I agree to assume full responsibility for the acts, negligence or omissions of said participant. It is the responsibility of the parent to read and adhere to all guidelines and age restrictions. All children who are under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult caregiver at all times. In the event the age guidelines are not followed, a parent may be asked to stay or the child may be dismissed from the activity. By registering for this program, I hereby give permission for medical professionals to provide emergency services to my child(ren) if necessary and agree to hold Cure GM1 Foundation, staff, and their volunteers harmless of any said illness, injury, or disease. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform staff of allergies prior to the conference. By registering for this program, I further understand and agree that my child(ren) will abide by the general rules of conduct and that violations may result in denial of future privileges and removal from the program activities. I grant and convey to Cure GM1 Foundation all right, title, and interests in any photographs, images, video, or audio recordings of me, my likeness and my child(ren) made by Cure GM1 Foundation in connection with my attendance at the GM1 Symposium. By registering, I agree to the above terms and conditions.