We are extremely excited to share that Cure GM1 is now available on the Charity Miles app. To download the app, just go to the app store, search for Charity Miles and choose Cure GM1 as your charity of choice. Be sure to choose the option to be able to request donations from friends and family.

You can get outside or use a treadmill or exercise bike indoors!

You can also use the QR below to set up the app on your phone.

Make a Sponsorship!

Contact us to inquire about making a sponsorship to support this important initiative to spread awareness and to encourage health!

Don’t Forget to Share!

One of the most powerful ways to raise awareness and funds for Cure GM1 is to use social media. Don’t forget to use the feature to post on all your social media accounts about your progress! Every mile and every little bit helps! Part of fundraising is persistence! Don’t be shy. Contributions and progress accumulate over time!

Ways to Give – Your Support Matters

Charity Miles | RoundUp App | Walmart RoundUP | Facebook Fundraisers | Donate | Set up a Recurring Donation

Visit our Take Action page for more ways to support our community