We all have the ability to help a good cause!  

A very special thank you to one of our most dedicated supporters Melinda Habingreither for providing these tips on how to hold a successful yard sale fundraiser.  A yard sale or online sale can be held anytime!  Maybe you want to avoid sales in the snow, but really, anything helps and yard sales can be done in Spring, Summer, and Fall.  One can even sell items online or on web sites like eBay and Craiglist all year long.

Melinda, a GM1 grandparent to Clara

Here are some helpful tips on how to hold a successful sale to help Cure GM1.

1. Advertise as much as possible, stressing that the sale is a fundraiser & focusing on your child or loved one. People are more likely to support an event for a family they know.

2. Ask friends & family to donate articles to sell. Having items from many families will help add lots of variety. Buyers are more drawn to a multi-family sale for that reason.

3. If you have some nice things left when the sale is over, post them on FB Marketplace or a neighborhood Buy/Sell/Trade site. Also, you can use eBay to see items for the Cure GM1 Foundation.

4. Don’t underestimate how much work this is. Seek & accept help to sort, price, & sell.   Ask friends & family for help throughout the entire process.

5. Find a group willing to pick up the rest of your leftovers so you don’t have to deal with them. Churches and Salvation Army will often even pick up the items and are happy to take the remaining items for their own charity sales.

6. Remember that every little bit matters.  Any amount contributed to help is money that was not available before and helps.   This isn’t a contest & results will vary based on your location, inventory, & many other factors. With enough drops in the bucket, the bucket will eventually be full

Please consider helping our cause!