2024 International GM1 Virtual Community Conference

Cure GM1 Foundation’s Annual GM1 Virtual Community Conference is an invaluable resource for families, researchers, and biotech companies. This virtual community conference is made possible through the generous support of our event sponsors, allowing families to attend free of charge.

Uniting Families,
Researchers, & Biotechs In
The Fight Against GM1

Each year, the Cure GM1 conference galvanizes our global community, fostering a sense of solidarity and shared purpose. It’s a platform where real change begins, through advocacy, increased awareness, and the acceleration of the drug development process. For supporters, sponsors, and donors, this event offers a chance to directly contribute to these efforts, impacting lives and driving forward the mission of finding possible treatments for GM1 gangliosidosis. Your support helps sustain this vital gathering, amplifying its reach and effectiveness year after year.

GM1 Virtual Community Conference

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The Agenda Coming Soon

Stay tuned! The fully detailed 2024 conference agenda will be available soon. Currently the sessions are as follows:

1.GM1 Family Series, Research Process, and Keynote

2. Clinical Trials

3. Preclinical Research

4. Caregiving and Community

5. Advocacy and Patient-Led Efforts

From the Hearts of Our Attendees

Real Stories, Real Impact: Attendee Experiences

“I felt so lost I didn’t know where to turn for answers. I didn’t know who to talk to. No one understood me. Not my family, not my friends. And so this community that we’ve built is so important.”
– Rojan Vokili,
GM1 Parent
“It’s really important to have these family centered conference, and I can’t really understate the importance of advocacy. We have to fight to get attention, to get money, to fund the studies, to find more and more families that feel that they’re living alone so that they can come
together and be part of the community.”
Caroline Hastings, MD
“I think it’s an honor to be here being amongst the community and the families, really helps me to understand, what’s really at stake. It reminds me of why we work so hard for getting a clinical trial.”
Ray Wang, MD
Children’s Hospital of Orange County

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions not answered here, please feel free to reach out to

The conference will be held virtually on Zoom Friday, September 20, 2024.

Yes, there are fees for non-GM1 families. Registration is free for GM1 families.

You can register here: Cure GM1 Eventbrite

Yes, similar to our in-person conference, we will be providing research updates.

The talks target the general public.

Absolutely! You can help by attending and honoring your child’s legacy while supporting patient advocacy and other families.

No, the virtual component of the conference will take place on Zoom, which has an optional app but is not required. 

 Recordings will be made available to registrants only.

Yes, the conference is open to anyone worldwide. Attending virtually may be easier for those outside the United States.

Yes! There will be opportunities to connect via chat and in sessions.

Yes, we welcome any extended family members.

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